By teaching children in underserved communities programming language from a young age, we aim to teach and better prepare the children with the core skills needed for the next generation of literacy in the future workplace and society.
Through SCI, we can work with local and international partners to help equip children in developed and developing nations with the tools and mindset needed for the 21st-century, and in doing so can echo UN’s SDGs of Quality Education, Promote Work and Economic Growth, Reduce Inequalities, and Partnership to reach the sustainable development goals.

2023 STUF Coding Competition Results

Group: 5-6 grade

劉子睿 Liu, Tzu-Jui 1
黃驛翔 Huang, Yi-Shiang 2
高士涵 Coo, Frederic-Bernard 2
呂宥叡 Lu, You-Ruei 3
許智森 Hsu, Chih-Sen 3
盧承新 Lu, Cheng-Hsin 3
陳苙豪 Chen, Li-Hao Good
林品勳 Lin, Pin-Xun Good
Logan Runner Good
傅宥文 Fu, Yu-Wen Good

Group: 7-9 grade

劉宥萱 Liu, You-Xuan 1
吳泉孟 Wu, Chuan-Meng 2
許超順 Hsu, Chao-Shun 2
張恩語 Wetrain 3
林煥晰 Max Lin 3
蔡鎔宇 Tsai, Jung-Yu 3
Mason Tsai Good
陳詠文 Chen, Yung-Wen Good
洪冠傑 Hung, Guan-Jie Good
朱晞文 Chu, Evan Good


Quality Education


Promote Work and Economic Growth


Reduce Inequalities


Partnership in achieving SDGs